Paul Avis is a British photographer based in Cologne. He trained in documentary photography at the Newport School of Art, his interests lie in photographing the built environment, travel, portraiture and more recently still life. Please follow these links for Paul's CV and a list of selected clients.

Paul also makes picture frames for artists, mainly for photographers and printmakers. These frames are hand made using solid wood mouldings and dowelled joints, some examples of his work can be seen here


avis+bower’s creative partnership evolved naturally out of the conception of blown magazine in which Ric Bower and Paul Avis were editor and picture editor, respectively.

Blown became a vehicle for their collaborative work; they found it productive for sharing ideas, solving problems and pushing each others boundaries. 

avis+bower's work is marked by a lively critical exchange, the rapport they have developed being integral to their working process. The two photographers have accumulated considerable experience individually, and have their work featured in public as well as private collections.

avis+bower come from different backgrounds, their training being in  documentary photography and figurative painting, respectively. Consequently they have very different approaches to the creative process. It is  this difference which forms the basis of their partnership. 

paul (at) paulavis.de

+49 173 903 9375

Römerstraße 18

50996 Köln


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